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Antonio Velardo

Antonio Velardo, who was born in 1977 in Naples, Italy, dreamed of going across the globe after finishing high school. Rather of becoming an ordinary tourist like so many other adolescents, Velardo dreamed of learning to fly so he could go to far-flung locations.
The Art of Flying
Velardo took a risk and relocated to Florida at the age of 19 to obtain his FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) commercial pilot’s license. He got his multi-engine instrumental commercial pilot’s certificate after completing classes at the Phoenix East Aviation School in Daytona Beach after a few years. Following this qualification, he returned to Europe and enrolled at the Capua Aeroschool in Italy to update his license in preparation for JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) certification.

Velardo then began carrying out his childhood goals as a commercial pilot, flying across the world, living in a variety of countries, and learning about other cultures “in quest of answers,” as he put it.

Velardo understood that, despite his passion of flying, the pilot’s lifestyle didn’t fulfill him; in fact, flying was hindering him from genuinely “reaching his wings” and building a spiritually meaningful vocation..

Return to School

Velardo returned to school after having this revelation, this time at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and graduated with honors. Velardo, on the other hand, did not pursue a career as a civil engineer; instead, he followed his passion and entered the real estate industry.

Purchasing Real Estate

Velardo began his real estate career in Spain and Cape Verde. He swiftly ascended to the top of his company and began working on projects in Italy and North Africa.

Velardo is the president of Real Capital Ventures in Tunisia, a $50 million property investment organization focused on the development of apartment/hotel complexes and full-service residential projects with significant net cash flows.

After the financial crisis of 2008, Velardo expanded his activities to the rest of Europe and the United States as a successful real estate investor. His enterprises bought troubled assets from banks in the United States and turned them into positive cash-flow investments.

Velardo is now the chairman of various companies involved in the development and administration of low-risk, high-return real estate enterprises targeted at funding chosen, established, cash-flow-producing assets for individual investors. His businesses have a proven track record of generating high returns on investment (ROI) from the rental and sale of outstanding residential real estate developments throughout Florida, particularly Miami, and beyond.

Additional Research

Velardo continued his love of learning by studying Value Investing at Columbia Business School in New York City, in addition to concurrent courses in markets, risk management, corporate finance, and other business-related areas.

Business Investments in Latin America

Velardo is a busy entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for new business prospects. His travels have taken him to Latin America and the Caribbean, where he has a diverse portfolio of high-performing assets.

Antonio Velardo invests in low-volatility assets within a solid framework that ensures consistent and rising cash flows across all economic cycles and market situations, using established methodologies.

A Digital Currency Future

Velardo has been researching blockchain technology hard because he has a clear picture of the eventual convergence of finance and real estate. He just completed Oxford University’s blockchain strategy program and is now pursuing a master’s degree in digital currency and finance from Nicosia University in Cyprus, which is one of the world’s first blockchain-focused high degree certificates.

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